Scot Fagerland | Life under the freeways

One of the most distinct features of my neighborhood is the freeway infrastructure. I live right at the junction of two major interstates in LA, the 10 & 405. Ramps soar overhead in every direction. Many side streets dead-end at one freeway or the other. There is more acreage beneath the overpasses than you would imagine, sometimes occupied by low-rent businesses or stranger mysteries. Some concrete is bare, and some is covered by dense trees or vines. This album shows my perspective of what it's like to live at a major freeway intersection.
No man's land 1Street musicianLives in passingNo man's land 2Dead end parking lotFreeway pillarsOverpass arch with eucalyptusAngular overpassLong freeway rampsHomeless homeSky gapArch with utility truckMerging or divergingLong freeway archPillar with adLow-lying rampFour-tiered trafficPillar and rampConcrete treeMystery mosaic