Scot Fagerland | About

I am an artist interested in scenic and urban photography.  That makes me pretty much the opposite of a commercial portraitist.   In most of my photos, people are absent or incidental.  In this way, I draw attention to the larger world around us, the environment that is easy to miss when dwelling on daily life.  I hope it reminds us of what we all share.

Photos are arranged in "Galleries" based on when and where I took the pictures (for example, "Westside Los Angeles" or "Easter 2015").  A gallery is identified by a small icon resembling photo album pages.  The same images are also categorized in "Collections" based on theme (such as "Urban & Infrastructure" or "Nature").  A collection is identified by a small icon representing a file folder.  The "Portfolio" collection contains many of my best images across the board. 

View as many pictures as you like here for free.  Downloads range from a dime to about $20, based on size.  You can even use this website to put together several of your favorites into a book, calendar, etc.  I will create some projects like that myself.   

I live in Los Angeles and do plenty of shooting close to home.